Primetime Launches at Cannes Film Festival

Alongside acting, I work to make our Industry fairer and more representative for all.


As Time's Up UK's liaison for ERA 50:50, I have been an active member of both working on numerous projects featured in Variety and other publications. 


I'm an award-winning female founder and in 2019, I bootstrapped and launched my global business at Cannes Film Festival. Primetime is a visibility platform helping the Industry find and hire more women behind the camera. We have members in 55+ countries, including multi-BAFTA, Emmy and Academy Award winners. 

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“Too often we hear the excuse that women are not being put forward for jobs, and more absurdly, where are all the women?,” Screen International.


Panels, Round Tables & Chairing

I have participated in Round Table events at Cannes Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival and Cameraimage, spoke on panels including at Cinecircle, Future Of Film, Kindness In Film and have hosted Masterclasses with Sarah Gavron and Anu Henriques, Prano Bailey-Bond and Lizzy Talbot.

My areas of interest are Gender Equality within the Entertainment Industry, the representation of women onscreen and behind the scenes​, tangible and actionable points to improve our Industry, and neurodiversity. 

I can be hired for upcoming events both in person and online. 



“There is a part that all of us can play to change the conversation, but if you have some privilege you are in a much better position to be doing this and pave the way for others to do the same.” BBC Culture


Makers & Shakers Awards

Primetime was nominated for three Makers & Shakers Awards: Production Tech Innovation Of The Year, Initiative To Grow Local Industry and Shaker Of The Year, run by the Location Guide.

I went on to win the inaugural Shaker Of The Year Award. 

"During the judging, Victoria’s generosity, courage and creativity were commended. "The winner has made phenomenal progress launching a trusted and respected resource in the industry at a time when it is much needed” ~ Emily Stillman, Senior Vice President, Warner Bros, Leavesden."


Who, what, wear?



How to get involved

On the weekend of BSC Expo and BAFTAs in 2020, I launched a campaign called Primetime Pledges which included both top-down and bottom-up action. 

High profile members of the Industry including Richard E. Grant, and nominees and winners of the BAFTAs that year, wore badges and rings with our iconic 'P' on them to symbolise a Pledge to work towards a fairer and more inclusive Industry for all. 

At the same time, in collaboration with BECTU, I organised and ran over 250 1-2-1 meetings between those with hiring power and our members at The BSC show which resulted in HETV jobs for more women.

This action-based series was featured in many publications including Broadcast and Televisual, and those attending the BAFTAs wearing our Pledges were featured in many online magazines topping various Best Dressed lists

I have recently launched an online shop with merchandise. Whilst we only make £2-4 on each item sold, it all helps to take us one step closer towards being a sustainable business.


Join us, it's time to re-a-dress the gender imbalance! 

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